Life in Singapore


I'm just a simple guy living a simple life in simple Singapore. Life is pretty boring but stressful in this fast paced society of Singapore. Having said that, I'm grateful to be living in a country where:

1. Standard of living is higher than most part of the world in the sense that we do not have to worry about access to clean water or food for survival.

2. It is pretty safe even to roam this country alone at night as crime rate is low. I know, I know, they always say low crime doesn't mean no crime.

3. Corruption rate is low, or maybe that's just what I think, it could be rampant but just that I'm not aware. Well, I'm probably living in a world of my own.

4. Stable politically. Many said they would boycott the government or vote the opposition in the coming election. Well, they had been saying that every elections but we are still getting the same government. Reason?

i) The country is relatively well run as evident from it's economy strength and the reserves it built up over the years despite being a small country with no natural resources.
ii) Many citizens are still satisfied with life here.
iii) Opposition parties are relatively weak and unable to attract enough good candidates.
iv) Haters only want changes in the hope that things will be better, but failed to appreciate what they already have. Luckily, those are still not the majority.